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  • How does the Cloud-BAS solution work?
    Consult with one of our Operational Technology experts Purchase any model of our Cloud-BAS gateways for your chosen operating environment. Complete the Cloud-BAS onBoarding form Upon arrival of your Cloud-BAS gateway(s) mount the panel near the ISP's router, connect the site's BACnet, Carrier Comfort Network (CCN), or MODBUS/communication bus, and (if purchased) deploy wireless sensor and devices Plug-in the gateway's cloud connection port to the ISP router. (No network programming needed) Power the gateway and begin controlling. It's that easy.
  • What types of devices can be connected to the Cloud-BAS platform as Plug & Control?
    Cloud-BAS is a "Plug-and-Control" platform architecture, all allowed sensor, and device solutions have been pre-approved and pre-engineered to simply "plug-in". By no means should this be considered a limitation, with our catalog of hundreds of per-designed combinations (with more being added regularly) you would be hard pressed not to find the right solution.
  • How do I purchase the FacilityOT Cloud-BAS solution?
    Contact a Sales Representative
  • How do I select the Cloud-BAS package that best fits my business type?
    A FacilityOT sales representative will be happy to assist you with the process.
  • Can I customize and add more devices and sensors?
    All solutions are customizable. Please contact a Cloud-BAS sales representative.
  • How many different locations can I add? Do I need a gateway for each location?
    The FacilityOT Cloud-BAS platform supports an unlimited number of customer locations. Each site location requires a Cloud-BAS gateway.
  • How many user accounts can I have? Can I add more?
    One User account is provided for up to 10 gateway locations. 10 to 25 locations receives two user accounts 25 to 50 locations receives three user accounts 50 + receives four user accounts More user accounts may be added at an additional cost.
  • How many FacilityOT wireless sensors can I add to my solution package?
    Up to 49 wireless FacilityOT sensors may be added per Cloud-BAS gateway in any combination.
  • What is the range of the FacilityOT wireless IoT sensors?
    Depending on the site conditions, at least 150 feet and as far as 1,000 feet from the Cloud-BAS gateway
  • What is typically included in my package?
    All solutions begin with a plug-and-control Cloud-BAS gateway, from there you may add an array of sensors / devices / and IoT. One year of free cloud access is included as well.
  • How does the Cloud-BAS gateway connect to the FacilityOT cloud?
    The Cloud-BAS gateway makes it's highly secure Operational Technology "cloud connection" at the location's ISP router ahead of the customer's IT network. For locations without internet, or for total network isolation, the Cloud-BAS gateway supports 4G and 5G cellular modems without the need for a public static IP address.
  • Who installs my Cloud-BAS Solution?
    FacilityOT utilizes a nation-wide selection of vetted control system contractors.
  • How long does the Cloud-BAS installation take?
    The plug-and-control gateway can be installed and operational in as little as 30 minutes. IoT sensor deployment and BACnet comm bus wiring are determined by site conditions.
  • Where does the Cloud-BAS gateway typically get mounted?
    Typically the Cloud-BAS gateway is mounted near to the ISP router location. (maximum of 200 feet from the ISP router)
  • My site stopped communicating with the FacilityOT cloud user interface, now what?
    Check with the site to make it has not lost power or internet service is offline Check the cellular modem for proper operation Check to see if any of the gateway lights are blinking Check the gateway power source Test the RJ45 internet cloud connection the gateway is plugged into Determine if someone attempted to add any unauthorized devices to the comm bus Test the local BACnet comm bus Check the fuse on the comm bus protection board Test the comm bus repeater
  • I see lights blinking on my gateway but I’m unable to access the site. What should I do?
    Test the RJ45 wall jack for internet connection Make sure no unauthorized changes have been made to the Cloud-BAS gateway router Make sure any equipment connected to the gateway's comm bus is ON and operational
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