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Next-Gen Operational Technology (Industry 5.0) 

Making existing buildings SMART and new buildings SMARTER

The Cloud-BAS ecosystem

FacilityOT's Cloud-BAS ecosystem is your virtual path, or gateway, to seamlessly connect, analyze, and optimize business operations and safety by adding a cost-effective level of operational technology (OT), greatly enhancing the physical-to-digital relationship in the cloud.

Technologies like the Cloud-BAS Ecosystem Platform are reshaping the world of building and facility management. And because these solutions are so robust, companies worldwide are increasingly relying on SaaS for total building management.

CLOUD-BAS Network Security Standards

  • #1 protection: Our Cloud-BAS gateways do NOT connect to the customer’s IT network.

  • Every Cloud-BAS gateway is a factory configured STC (site-to-cloud) OT (Operational Technology) data connection, which is a highly encrypted path each on an individual layer 3 OT network.

  • Our STC data networks utilize a specially developed formula of TosiBox's global cyber-secure point-to-point VPN technology. 

  • All Cloud-BAS OT data is encrypted to ASE Standards.

  • Government and high security sites: Our optional Two factor AND Three factor (2FA) (3FA) identity and access management security method requires two or three forms of identification to access our customer-facing resources. 

  • Cloud-BAS gateways are authenticated to communicate only with the factory assigned cloud platform when the configured key/lock exchange matches.

  • As an additional layer of security, our BACnet provisioned Cloud-BAS gateway utilizes IP-Address “White-Listing” for BAS router firewall protection.

  • Data exchange on the STC OT connection is restricted to two UDP ports, and our highly secure networks allow only two types of specific data to be transmitted and received.

  • Our Cloud-Based BAS platforms are all hosted in US-based, Tier 4 Data Centers, using AWS or VMWare infrastructure.

  • Customer Cloud-BAS user access is via HTTPS, a security protocol that encrypts and authenticates the data sent and received between our Cloud-BAS websites and our users. 

  • All Cloud-BAS customer interactions are all performed on completely separate networks from our OT data networks.

  • Cloud-BAS platforms are fully backed-up daily.

facility ot building automation wired and cellular connections

Reliable Architecture

Our exclusive “plug-and-control” architecture offers a high degree of reliability, with practical solutions for a wide range of business applications while also providing a standardized outcome and a reduced carbon footprint
for a greener tomorrow.

list of building automation devices

Power of the Cloud

We leverage the unlimited power of cloud computing, affordable cloud-hosted subscription service software, wireless (or wired) sensors, and a Cloud-BAS Gateway that receives all measurements from your operational equipment and our full line of IoT devices…and then
safely transmits that data to the provided internet site. 


The highly secure configuration allows a Cloud2Cloud (C2C) interface with other cloud resources that track weather, electricity usage, and different trends to help you contain your costs and keep your competitive edge.

Regardless of the particular protocol language of any given device, the Cloud-BAS Gateway translates and encrypts all monitored data before sending it to our private FacilityOT cloud platform environment via extremely secure, virtual private network (VPN) connectivity.

All gateway-to-cloud data is encapsulated within a Layer 3 PKI connection, using RSA algorithms and AES encryption.


By design, no Cloud-BAS data transmission intermingles with your corporate IT network activities.

It all comes together on a simple, browser-based user dashboard that displays your OT-related data in a consistent format across all supported equipment and devices. So you can remotely view the current status of business-critical processes 24/7  to minimize downtime.

Easily access readings for HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, signage, water/electricity consumption, floods or water leakage, water heater/ sump pump failures, occupancy detection, parking garage exhaust fumes, ambient temperature and humidity, indoor air quality, fire protection,  security system, etc.

Secure Network

User-Friendly Dashboard

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Smart Automated Functions

You will gain useful technical insights from built-in automated functions, such as AI event-driven alarms, email alerts, diagnostics, corrective actions, and reporting. 

This comprehensive, detailed information aids with the remote management and control of geographically dispersed locations in as many as nine North American time zones—with more to be added.

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Cost Savings

Continuous, real-time monitoring enables you to take immediate action before problems become catastrophic and expensive to repair or recoup losses.

The human resources element is also reduced with no more need to send a technician out to inspect your premises, unless absolutely necessary. And no reliance on your in-house IT personnel, either. 

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Quick, Easy Installation

The Cloud-BAS Gateway is essentially ready to work right out of the box. Our experienced installers perform the initial setup for a hassle-free experience.


Once the pre-programmed Cloud-BAS Gateway unit is mounted to your building, and the sensors are strategically placed throughout the facility, you can start reaping the countless benefitswithout any formal training.

Main Benefits

Installs easily into any existing or new building in less than 60 minutes.

Monitors several types of systems via one centralized gateway.

Integrates numerous types of sensors to deliver a consistent, unified data display with single “pane of glass” viewing.

Eliminates onsite IT maintenance and upfront hardware and software costs.

Requires no local computer or software installation/management.

Enables automated corrective action based on machine learning (ML) techniques.

Uses any standard web browser for Windows, Apple, Android, and iPhone devices.

Saves facility operational costs (e.g. utilities, food spoilage, leakages)

Improves building safety and security by monitoring occupancy, outdoor lighting, HVAC systems, etc.

Delivers the highest level of cloud service via Tier 4 VMware infrastructure.

Runs economically with wireless IoT sensor batteries that last 3-4 years.

Gateway cloud service FREE for the 1st year, followed by annually billed subscription.

Next-Gen Offerings

 We have an extensive catalog of pre-configured sensors and IoT devices, carefully vetted to include the “best of the best” next-generation technology—saving you the time and effort of researching what’s available on the market.


The Cloud-BAS ecosystem works with new or existing operational systems (HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, power and water meters, emergency power generators, etc.). Making them smart, or smarter!

Due to our flexible, open system, we are able to natively support diverse HVAC manufactured units, starting with Carrier's
i-Vu® enabled HVAC systems and extending to the Toshiba commercial BACnet enabled HVAC system.

Future specialized Cloud-BAS Gateway products will natively support additional HVAC manufacturers.

See the respective
data sheets for more detailed information
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bundled "plug-and-control" solutions
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