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Bundled "Plug-and-Control"

Get the perfect CLOUD-BAS solution for your business needs
"Able to support 40,000 plus locations per customer" 

What Works Best For Your Business

Regardless of the chosen solution, you receive a pre-programmed Cloud-BAS Gateway, along with sensors and IoT device options necessary for the daily operational management of your facility.

Whether you're managing one or thousands of locations, the browser-based system is easy to use, without any formal training needed to get up to speed in no time.

Our bundled "plug-and-control" solutions are designed to target common requirements of certain business sectors, so you can quickly achieve optimum results—without any guesswork or trial and error.

For example, the Cloud-BAS Gateway is per-configured and a set of sensors/monitors are specified for the following businesses: bank branches, convenience stores, retail shops, small office buildings, and various service centers.

We also strive for native compatibility with the most frequently used HVAC equipment, the Carrier brand being first and several more to come.

Industry-Specific Packages


We have designed industry-specific solutions to address the typical needs of each business type.
All ecosystems come with a
Cloud-BAS Gateway plus the recommended sensors/IoT devices.
The main industry bundles include:

retail outlet icon

Retail Outlet

Supports one to  multiple retail store establishments

convenience store icon

Convenience Store

A single store or chain of convenience-type stores

service center icon

Service Center

Post offices, fire stations, urgent care, pharmacies, government offices, hair salons, gyms, and more

bank icon


Supports one to thousands of bank branches, including ATMs

Want to Create a Custom Package?

Sample Installation

aerial photo of bank branch

Bank Branch Package

HVAC unit control and monitoring

ATM room temperature sensor

Wireless monitoring Devices include: 6 Lum (light level) sensors for monitoring parking lots, 2 signage, 3 drive-in canopy, 2 ATM areas, 4 exterior wall packs, and 1 interior 24/7 lighting

Wireless leak detection sensor for water heater

Cleaning crew verification

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